Barone Beneventano

Etna Winery

Our Values

To protect traditional Etna's viticulture. Respect and care of the incredible natural heritage of Etna. Research and innovation, in balance with previous values, to guarantee: quality, constant improvement and diversification.

Our Wines

They are the result of a heroic viticulture, the aim is to let people feel the peculiarity of Etna's South-East Slope. Here: volcanic sandy soil, sea winds and strong temperature changes allow our old vines, native Etna's varieties, to give best expression of the characteristics of this incredible place

ETNA White

During the first stages of its grows it expresses in purity the peculiarities of the varieties of the Etna territory, giving fresh aromas of citrus fruits and crunchy yellow berries. Its great evolutionary ability enriches it over time with very complex and fascinating aromas


Elegant and balanced, immediately enchants thanks to its red fruit aromas, delicate spiciness and excellent longevity, it excites, opening up in a complex and highly satisfying wine