Our Family

Roberto and Pierluca Beneventano della Corte, father and son, have always worked in the world of quality wine by selecting and working with some of the best wine producers in Europe.

With this project the aim is to return to Sicily where their family has its roots, to become winemakers, recovering semi-abandoned vineyards, protecting tradition and nature that distinguish Mount Etna and to contribute to the wine revolution that this region incredibly suited to viticulture, is living.

Ours is an ancient Sicilian noble family that has worked in agriculture in its history, it is worth remembering Giuseppe Luigi Beneventano della Corte, who for his skill and dedication shown in trying to improve the territory was proclaimed Senator of the Italian Kingdom. An historian remembers him: "a person of remarkable intellectual stature who points out his competence in the management of the extensive agricultural properties as companies, with attention to the agrarian technique and to the most modern uses".

The agricultural company is today managed by Pierluca, who after taking his degree in Marketing and Communication, began his journey in the world of wine becoming Sommelier and wine selector for the family business. Destiny led him to deepen his knowledge and nurture his passion for wine, especially as an artistic expression of agricultural practice.