Preserve the Tradition

Our vines are in Alberello Etneo, the typical farming system considered the oldest one. A difficult choice nowadays because Alberello does not allow mechanization and has little yield but high quality. In this way we protect the Etnean tradition and contribute to making the vineyard landscapes characteristic, being not only an ethical issue, the Alberello allows the plant a better radical development and an equal distribution of the sap over more than one arm, this allows the vine not to stress and to have a balanced production, therefore to live a longer time.

The works in vineyard are all manual and in some cases they are part of heroic viticulture due to the steep slope of the land. It is a great commitment in economic terms and time that is justified because we think it is necessary to have excellent grapes to make a good wine.

Rispect of Nature

We strongly believe in the natural heritage of Etna and for this reason we try to protect it in every way, even leaving some endemic fruit trees, such as: Pere Spineddu / Mele Gelato-cola / Ciliegia Mastrantonio / Gelsi Neri dell'Etna. This creates biodivesity that allows to have a balance between prey / predators of vineyard parasites and to improve the vineyard microbiome in general. In our vineyards we can only find native vines between 30 and over 100 years old. The varieties cultivated are: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante, Catarrato, Minnella Bianca and Minnella Nera. Our wines are born from these cultivar, with different but complementary characteristics.

Research & Innovation

We have always wanted to improve and give as many guarantees as possible to ensure the best possible quality for those who taste our wines. through this philosophy we take our choices, from the simplest ones and to the most complex ones that will become unique projects.

- Renovation of the XVIII century Palmento: with this project we would like to revive an age-old technology that is part of our magnificent winemaking tradition and that cannot be lost.
- Vines Relics: thanks to the help of the Agricultural University of Catania we are conducting research on the peculiarities of a dozen native Etnean vines that were dying out.
- Maximum Varietal Expression: through extremely innovative winemaking methodologies. We are doing tests to get the best White Etna and a Red Etna, that we can't wait to let you try.